VFS Global aims to curb fraud of visa aspirants


Special Correspondent :
The Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) Global will work regularly to raise awareness to avoid all types of fraud and illegal transactions of visa aspirants.The VFS Global has issued a statement in this regard on Wednesday.

It has also urged the visa applicants to remain careful and apply for visas early to avoid last minute challenges.

As per VFS statement, it includes tasks such as accepting application forms and document preservation in accordance with government directives, biometric data collection, and safely returning passports to the relevant individuals after decisions are made by embassies/consulates. VFS Global does not control visa appointments in any way.

The appointments related to visa services are controlled solely by the respective countries being served, and VFS Global only facilitates them.

The eligibility for visa appointments, required documents, and decisions on visa applications are entirely controlled by the respective countries, and their governments manage the visa process entirely. VFS Global plays no role in these areas. Visa appointments are entirely free, and they can only be obtained through the website www.vfsglobal.com.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, limited appointments are available for all types of visas, especially for obtaining work visas. In this situation, some unscrupulous businesses or criminal circles are taking advantage of the situation by offering promises of appointments in exchange for money.

VFS Global has shut down many fraudulent websites, social media accounts, or pages that claim to offer such services. These criminal circles misuse the name of VFS Global to collect money through illegal and criminal means from visa applicants, the statement said.

As a responsible service provider, VFS Global will continue its regular work to enhance awareness and prevent all forms of harassment and illegal transactions from visa applicants.


Visa applicants are urged to apply with caution and take their time so that they can obtain the desired visa without any hassle, the statement said.

VFS Global has reported many fake websites and social media accounts / pages that are claiming to give appointments in exchange of money or impersonating VFS Global to fleece unsuspecting applicants.

“As a responsible service provider, we continue to create awareness against this menace,” VFS Global, the world’s largest visa outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, the statement said.

“VFS Global does not control appointment availability. These are governed and controlled by the governments we serve,” the statement reads.

The availability of visa appointments, mandatory documentation, and the visa application decision are entirely at the discretion of the respective governments.

“Processing times are also under their control. VFS Global has no role whatsoever,” said the statement.

Visa appointments are free and available only on www.vfsglobal.com at first come; first served basis.