UN General Assembly president lauds Bangladesh’s resilience


City Desk :

The President of the UN General Assembly, Ambassador Dennis Francis, has said that Bangladesh’s story is one of extraordinary strength, perseverance, and determination in the most trying of times.

Francis made the comment while delivering remarks as the chief guest at a reception hosted by the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations in New York to celebrate independence and the National Day of Bangladesh.

The president of the UN General Assembly mentioned that with a well-educated workforce and a dynamic youth population, modern Bangladesh has overcome remarkable odds to become an economic powerhouse in South Asia.

He also stated that in addressing the United Nations, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman eloquently ushered in fresh ideas for building a world free from economic inequalities, social injustice, and the threats of nuclear war.

At the reception, the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh, Ambassador Muhammad Abdul Muhith, delivered welcome remarks and mentioned that even after the Liberation War, which caused unprecedented destruction, Bangladesh was able to demonstrate remarkable resilience and achieve tremendous success in its development trajectory.

Especially over the last decade, under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has emerged as a role model for development.


Ambassador Muhith paid rich tributes to the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, three million martyrs, two hundred thousand women who were victims of sexual violence, and all heroic freedom fighters who made supreme sacrifices for Bangladesh’s independence.

He also expressed his most sincere gratitude to the friendly nations that accelerated Bangladesh’s victory by extending all possible support, both on the battlefield and on the diplomatic front.

Both the president of the General Assembly and the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh referred to the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s membership in the United Nations.

Ambassador Muhith further mentioned that, guided by the famous dictum of the Father of the Nation, “Friendship to all, malice towards none,” Bangladesh joined the UN family 50 years ago and made multilateralism an absolute priority.

He also reiterated Bangladesh’s commitment to make a value-driven contribution to all important UN discourses.

The event was attended by around 150 Permanent Representatives, high officials of the UN Secretariat, international media personalities, think tanks, and other dignitaries.

The event started with the hoisting of the national flag and the playing the national anthem.