Three fake ACC officials arrested


Staff Reporter :
Three fake officials claiming affiliation with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) have been apprehended in the capital city due to their involvement in fraudulent activities.

This deceptive syndicate operated with precision, targeting individuals whose alleged corrupt practices or irregularities were highlighted in the various media outlets across the nation.

Methodically, they extracted intricate details, including contact information, from the respective organization’s websites.

Employing a cunning facade, the imposters initially posed as journalists, establishing contact with their unsuspecting targets.

Subsequently, they fabricated tales of complaints lodged against the individuals with the ACC, accompanied by coercive threats.

Posing as assistant directors of the ACC, they then manipulated their victims into altering investigation reports under the guise of official authority.

In a nefarious twist, the imposters leveraged modern mobile banking systems to extort illicit funds from their victims.


This orchestrated scheme, perpetrated under false pretenses, ensnared numerous individuals throughout the nation, perpetuating a cycle of deceit and exploitation.

Recently ACC filed a case against unknown accused people with the DMP of Ramna police station as a plaintiff. Several phone numbers were also mentioned in the lawsuit.

On the basis of this, three members of the gang were arrested by Lalbagh Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) after investigating the case in Khilgaon area of the capital.

The arrested persons have been identified as the ringleader Feroz Khan (52), his brother-in-law Md. Hasan Munna (28) and Munna’s brother-in-law Riaz (18).

Additional commissioner of DMP also DB Chief Mohammad Harun-ur-Rashid confirmed this information on Monday noon and said, this fraudulent family circle including brother-in-law used to impersonate journalists and sometimes ACC officials.

They used the identity cards and visiting cards of various newspapers, television journalists and the identity cards of ACC officials.

At that time, a large number of journalists’ passports, visiting cards, 11 mobile phones of different models, 29 SIM cards of different operators and fake identity cards of ACC officials were recovered from them.