Three decades of journey in movie, Shabnoor fills with emotions


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Popular Bangladeshi actress Shabnoor crossed three decades of acting career in movies yesterday.

On 15 October 1993, she started her career as an actress by acting opposite Shabbir in the movie ‘Chandni Raate’ directed by Ehtesham.

She won the first National Film Award for her performance in the movie ‘Dui Noyoner Alo’ directed by Mustafizur Rahman Manik, who has a long acting career.

At the moment Shabnoor is in Australia.

While contacted with her over mobile phone, the actress told this correspondent, “I passed three decades of film career with all love.


Ever since I started acting, directors and producers were very interested in me because of the strong demand from the audience for my movies.

So, it has been possible for me to touch the huge milestone of 158 movies.

Among the movies, I have had the opportunity to work on, some of the best films in terms of commercial success and audience critical polls are: ‘Swapner Thikama’, ‘Swapner Prithibi’, ‘Swapner Nayok’, ‘Tomake Chai’, ‘Tumi Aamar’, ‘Ananda Ashru’, ‘Prem Pyashi’, ‘Sujon Sokhi’, ‘Jibon Songsar’, ‘Moha Milon’, ‘Bikkhobh’,’ ‘Jibon Theke Pawa’, ‘Bichar Hobe’, ‘Dui Noyoner Alo’, ‘Nirontor’, ‘Molla Barir Bou’, ‘Biyer Phool’, ‘Narir Mon’, ‘Shwashurbari Jindabad’, ‘Niswas e Tumi Biswas e Tumi’, ‘Sundoru Bodhu’, ‘Phool Nebo Na Ashru Nebo’, ‘Premer Tajmohol’, ‘Prithibi Tomar Aamar’, ‘Kajer Meye’, ‘Bostir Meye’, ‘Modhur Milon’, ‘Buk Bhora Bhalobasa’, ‘Swapner Bashor’, ‘O Priya Tumi Kothay’, ‘Swapner Bhalobasa’, ‘Tomar Jonnyo Pagol’, ‘Char Shotiner Ghor’, ‘Aamar Swapno Tumi’, ‘Aamar Praner Swami’, ‘Ek Takar Bou’, ‘Tumi Shudhu Tumi’, ‘Kothin Prem’, ‘Dhakaiya Pola Borishallya Maiya’, ‘Swami Strir Juddho’, etc.”

Shabnoor also said, “Actually every movie I acted in is my favourite.

My argument with late Salman Shah among fellow artistes was most popular.

Before Salam Shah’s untimely death, I and Salman had collaborated in as many as 14 critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies in just four years.

Some of the other co-stars who have contributed a lot to my film career are: late Manna Bhai, Omar Sani, Bapparaz, Amin Khan, Amit Hasan, Riaz Ahmed, Ferdous Ahmed, Shakil Khan, Shakib Khan and many more.

By Allah’s grace and everyone’s prayers, I am still alive with enough respect in movies.”


“In the long thirty years of my acting career, I am sincerely grateful and indebted to everyone involved in the movie, including all the directors, producers, co-actors, screenwriters, background singers, cameramen and the crew.

Especially the selfless love and support of the audience and fans of my movie, I am today’s Shabnoor.

Ever since I joined social media, I have always realised that their love for me has not changed, but is increasing.

I hope your sincere love for me will continue in the future.

I also give special thanks to the journalist brothers and sisters.

They have helped me so far by providing objective news with their often cooperative attitude towards me.

I thank everyone for that,” she added.

Shabnoor informed that she is scheduled to come to the country at the beginning of next year.

She is spending busy time with her only son in Australia.

Besides, when someone goes there from Dhaka, Shabnoor tries to give them time.

In the meantime, actress Purnima and singer Kanak Chapa had gone there.

Shabnoor gave a lot of time to both of them.

She also walked around with them, the actress mentioned.