There is no drug that Noble does not take: Salsabil


Entertainment Report :
Popular singer Mainul Ahsan Noble has been
sent divorce papers by his wife Salsabil Mahmud. However, the news of sending separation papers
was known once before.
Salsabil Mahmud spoke openly about Noble’s marriage, separation and drug addiction to this correspondent. She told this correspondent, “I sent the divorce papers to singer Noble on Thursday. It was not possible anymore. I had to send it closed. I sent him a divorce letter in September of 2021. But then he made a strong request and promised to resolve everything in a family sit down. And he gave me somewhere to get better. So, I put it on hold at that time. But what! He hasn’t changed that much, rather increased. I talked to him yesterday night. I want to know from him whether he will leave drugs and go to rehab to treat himself! He said nothing can be done for him. So, I was forced to send a divorce letter to him. I have spoken with my lawyer. It will be effective in a few days. In fact, it is difficult to live with a son like Noble.”
Salsabil also said, “I don’t feel like I made the wrong decision to love or marry Noble. Because when I love or marry, it seems right for that time. The man may have changed. But my decision was not wrong. Now the situation or environment may have changed and I am forced to take a new decision.”
“I just did not try to correct him until his family. But he used to beat everyone. Even his parents were beaten by him. While staying at Niketan’s house, his mother was killed in such a situation that she had to call an ambulance and took her to the hospital. In fact, there is no drug; he must first decide whether I will drop the drug. If he wants to leave drugs, then only possible,” Salsabil added.
Asked about Noble’s relationship with his parents, Salsabil told this correspondent, “Too bad. When we got married, the relationship was good with his parents. But when he got addicted to drugs, started beating everyone, the relationship went bad from then on. His father has told me that if anyone ever wants to know about Noble and him, then I should tell them that his father gave him an illegitimate son.”
When asked what kind of drugs Noble took, Salsabil said, “There are no drugs that Noble takes. He takes all kinds of drugs. The worst thing is that all kinds of drugs are available in this country. It is easy to come to the country through the airport. People around him used to bring him drugs. Those with whom he used to go back. I don’t want to say their names. You all know them. They are all powerful. In fact, I got married against the family. But they used to get all the news in different newspapers. Then I contacted them. I am with them now.”
In response to this question, what do you think about yourself now, Salsabil said, “I will finish my studies. I am studying engineering in a university outside the country. After that, I will organise my life. I will do modelling or other jobs if I get a chance. That’s all I can think about for now.”