Some Western powers seek to install a puppet govt in BD: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday warned that some Western powers want to install a puppet government in Bangladesh so they can control it easily.

“If They can foil the upcoming 12th general election, they could put a puppet government in Bangladesh and control it easily,” an Awami League MP quoted the premier as telling the AL Parliamentary Party meeting held at the ruling party’s meeting room in Sangsad Bhaban.

The MP, who was present at the meeting, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Hasina, also the leader of the House and ruling AL chief, said that although BNP is not showing any interest in participating in the upcoming national election, it might come in the electoral process at the fag end just to paint it as a controversial one.

Another AL MP, also wishing anonymity, mentioned that the AL president said that conspiracy is on to keep away both AL and BNP from election to bring a subservient government in Bangladesh.

“The Leader (Sheikh Hasina) said that vested quarter is hatching conspiracy so that we (AL) and BNP do not come to the election.

She said we have to face this conspiracy and hold the election,” the ruling party MP said.

She said that the ruling party will choose candidates for the next parliament on the basis of its survey.

“I have conducted the survey every six months, and the nomination will be given based on that survey,” she was quoted as saying.

She asked the MPs to work for the party’s chosen candidates unitedly.

“Those who will oppose the party-nominated candidates, their politics will come to an end,” she was quoted as saying.

She categorically said that many of the MPs who were present in the ALPP meeting might not get party nomination.


“I will not give nomination just seeing your faces, those who have possibilities to win in the next election will be given party nominations,” she said.

The prime minister said that she will not take any responsibility for pulling up anyone in the next election.

“You have to take your own responsibilities and win in the elections,” she added.

And for that purpose she directed all to go to their respective constituencies to increase their contacts with the people.

Several MPs mentioned intra-party feuding and feared that this might cause a major setback for them in the election.

“All have to work together shunning all intra party conflicts and ensure party’s victory in the next elections,” the PM said.

Regarding the meeting, Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif told reporters that the prime minister mentioned that Awami League can come to power if there are elections and that’s why many from the West want an unelected government without elections.

“Because, if there is an unelected government, it is convenient for them to spread their influence,” he said
He said that she directed everyone to work unitedly to win the election.

Hanif also said that the nomination will be given on the basis of various survey reports.

“Those who have acceptability and popularity nominations will be given to them.

The candidate should work unitedly,” he said.

AL MPs Shamim Osman of Narayanganj, Kazi Keramat Ali of Rajbari, Noor Uddin Chowdhury Nayan of Lakshmipur, Abu Reza Muhammad Nezamuddin Nadvi of Chattogram and reserved women’s seat MPs Aroma Dutta and Syeda Rubina Akhter Meera were among those who spoke at the meeting.