Eid travel trends: Some head home while others return to Dhaka


City Desk  :
After the Eid-ul-Azha holidays, people have gradually started returning to Dhaka to join their workplaces, while many who could not go to their hometowns or villages before Eid are still leaving the capital.
At Kamalapur Railway Station on Thursday, there were more passengers who were leaving Dhaka than those returning after the holidays.
Shamsul Huda, whose office is in Dhaka, was going to Rajshahi to spend some time with his family. “We do not have the opportunity to give holidays to everyone at the same time. We operate on a roster system, so I did not get to enjoy the Eid holidays. As others have returned, my holidays have started. Now I am going home… My Eid has started after Eid.”
Another passenger, Imdadul, who was heading towards Natore, said he could not go home as he had to work during Eid. “My leave has been approved, and now I will go home and celebrate Eid with my parents.”
Meanwhile, Lotus, who works at a private organization, said upon his return from Rangpur that he had gone home with his family for the Eid holidays. “I only had a few days of leave, so I had to return without my family. Today I will go directly to the office, although I am a bit late. But this will not be an issue.”
Awal Hossain was in Dinajpur for Eid said with regret in his voice that he had to return right after the holidays, mentioning that it would have been better if he had gotten a few more days of leave.
Kamalapur Railway Station Master Anwar Hossain said all trains resumed operating on Thursday post-Eid, adding that travel advance tickets had also started.
Meanwhile, return journey tickets for trains were available from June 10. The tickets for returning to Dhaka from other areas were sold before Eid, covering June 20 to 24.