Small budget idols, themes and pandals always attract me: Moutushi Biswas


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
If anybody leaves the city of brick and stone and get closes to Mother Durga in the fresh air, the joy of the festival becomes even more intense.

Popular actress Moutushi Biswas is now in her village of Terokhada in Khulna.

This time her mother-in-law and brother-in-law came to their house on the occasion of Durga Puja. Under their supervision, actress Moutushi passed Ashtami and Nabami.

This correspondent talked to her on the mobile phone while she was busy.

She informed that the temple is near to Mautushi’s house.

On Dashami, Moutushi participated in a combined dance with the women of the village in ‘Sindur Khela’ with the rhythm of the lid.

The actress has already completed the necessary shopping.

While talking in this regard, Moutushi Biswas told this correspondent, “Father, husband and mother-in-law give this money every year. How was it spent this time? Even then I received some sarees and clothes as gifts.

The amount of time and expense it takes to make sarees and blouses is just that – this is my shopping. Every year I shop with my hands full for everyone else. I did the same this time.”

Various foods are part of the festival. This time in the kitchen of Moutushi’s house, there is a spread of vegetarian non-vegetarian foods. The actress said, “Vegetarian foods were in Ashtami. Luchi in the morning, ‘Boot er dal’ (chickpea lentils) and sweets.

At noon, ‘moong dal’ (green gram beans) and pumpkin fry, vegetarian items and sour taste. Offering sweets and prasad sweets of the temple at afternoon.


At night, thin khichuri of ‘moong dal’, eggplant, pumpkin and arum fry. On the Nabami, we went out and had lunch outside.

At night, there were local chicken, silver carp fish broth and vegetables. On the Dashami, there were mutton, lobster and vegetables in the food menu.

Actually, this arrangement was because mother-in-law and brother-in-law have come to my father’s house after a long time.”

This time Moutushi Biswas asked Durga Mother more than for herself, but more for the people of the country.

The actress said, “Commodity prices are increasing every month. Vegetables today, while tomorrow something else.

This pressure is hard to bear. I want to get rid of this pressure, as well as there was a collective beauty of all religions in this country of Bengalis.

Attempts to destroy that beauty have been going on for years. The beauty of the unity of Bengalis should not be lost. If the mother does not want it, it will remain incomplete.”

There are many kinds of puja mandaps all over the country. But Moutushi’s mind is on the organisation of the small neighbourhood with a small budget.

While talking in this regard, Moutushi said, “I have been fortunate to see many pujas in Dhaka, Chattogram and Khulna.

I was particularly drawn to the small-town neighbourhood’s small-budget beautiful idols, themes and presentation of pandals. Because they have relatively less money in their hands, there are many challenges. I have many experiences of seeing such worship.”