Shajal’s upcoming movie ‘Jibon Khela’


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
One of the most talked about movies of last year was ‘1971 Shei Shob Din’ starring Abdun Noor Shajal and directed by Hridi Huq. Shajal’s impeccable performance in this movie made him very popular with all the audience.
In addition to this, he also acted impeccably in the movie ‘Jinn’.
Meanwhile, the announcement came that Shajal is going to work in a new movie.
The title of the movie is ‘Jibon Khela’. Walid Ahmed will make this movie. This is the first time Shajal is going to act in a movie under Walid Ahmed’s direction. The same director’s movie ‘Megher Kopat’ was released last year. In his new movie, he will work with Shajal. Because of this, the director is very excited. Regarding talking about to work in new movie ‘Jibon Khela’, Shajal told this correspondent, “It is very true that I want to act in such roles in the movie, in which the audience has not seen me before. That is why I am trying to give special importance to the character in working in the movie. So that this does not happen, the audience has seen me in the same role in dramas before. So, I am trying to work with understanding. I have enough understanding with Walid Ahmed as its director. His unit is excellent. So, it is expected that my movie ‘Jiboner Khela’ is also going to be a good movie. Its shooting will start soon. I want to pray to everyone.”
Shajal also said that ‘Jibon Khela’ is an action based movie. So, he is very excited.
Meanwhile, Shajal said that he has done several dramas for the upcoming Eid.
But of course, he played the role of good story and self-presentation.
Meanwhile, for the first time, Shajal dubbed a foreign serial in Bengali. He said that the experience of dubbing is also very good for him.