Saudi to build world’s first ‘Dragon Ball’ theme park


Business Desk :
The construction of the world’s first “Dragon Ball” theme park was revealed on Friday (22 March) by Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya Investment Company, the franchise owner said.

It is planned to cover half a million square metres and will have seven areas aimed at recreating iconic places from the original house, such as Kame House, Capsule Corporation and Beerus’ Planet, according to reports.

Thematically, park visitors will join Goku on an adventure that starts from the beginnings of the anime all the way to “Dragon Ball Super”.

There will be five state-of-the-art rides among more than 30 attractions.


One of those rides will be a 70-meter-high statue of Shenron, the magical dragon from the series, containing a large rollercoaster ride.

In addition, the park will have several hotels and restaurants.

Qiddiya posted a video on the company’s YouTube channel on Wednesday showing a rendition of the park.