Samira Khan Mahi in various forms on Eid


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Viewers are now enjoying the dramas that were aired on various TV channels last Eid and later released on various YouTube channels. The popular actress of this generation Samira Khan Mahi starred in several dramas enjoyed by the audience with great interest.
Among the dramas in which Mahi’s fans were very excited to see her performance last Eid and praised her performance are: Tuhin Hossain’s ‘Rater Rani,’ Rafat Mozumdar Rinku’s ‘Eid Selami’ and ‘By Mistake,’ Mehedi Hasan Hridoy’s ‘Thada’ and Mabrur Rashid Bannah’s ‘Akkhep.’ Mahi’s performances in these dramas were well appreciated by the viewers.
As a versatile actress, Samira Khan Mahi has already received good response from the audience by playing challenging roles in various dramas. Mahi has been able to prove in a short period of time that she has come to the world of acting to present herself as a good actress.
Actress Mahi has already gone to London for a 15-day holiday after celebrating Eid in Dhaka. Her brother Tutul lives in London. She said that she will return to the country on May 24 after wandering there as she wishes.
After returning to the country, Mahi told this correspondent that she will act in the dramas of Miftah Anan, Rafat Mozumdar Rinku and several other directors. While talking about Eid works, travelling in London and her acting, actress Samira Khan Mahi told this correspondent from London over social media, “It can be said that I am getting a great response for every work that was aired last Eid. I especially noticed through social media that the audience enjoyed the Eid activities with great interest. I tried to break myself into every story. The directors have also helped me a lot in this regard. Right now I am in London with my brother. I will wander here for a few days. Let’s say I am in a relaxing mood. Returning to the country, I will be busy with work as usual. In that case, I will try to act in dramas with good stories.”
Samira Khan Mahi’s father Fazlur Karim and mother Afroza Begum. Mahi got the courage to go further in acting due to her mother’s inspiration. Mahi’s two sisters – Poly and Mily also gives her courage in this matter. Mahi starrer and SR Majumdar and several other directors directed works od their dramas have already finished, which will be broadcasted on different TV channels next Eid.