‘Salary, bonus to be paid before Eid holiday’


Staff Reporter :
Minister of State for Labor and Employment Nazrul Islam Chowdhury has ordered the industries to pay the salaries and bonuses of the workers before the starting of the Eid holiday.

He informed this matter after the 17th meeting of the Tripartite Consultative Council on the RMG Sector (RMG TCC) at the Secretariat on Wednesday.

The state minister said that the salary and bonus should be paid to the workers before the Eid holiday.

No specific date has been fixed for this.


“We do not know the specific time industry owners will be able to pay the workers , however we ordered them to the pay the salary and the bonus of the workers before the starting of Eid holiday,” the state minister said.

Nazrul Islam Chowdhury further said, “No worker can be retrenched before Eid. This is our strict instruction.”

The minister further stated, “We do not think any kind of worker dissatisfaction or any incident in this sector before Eid.”