‘Saklain was undoubtedly wronged’, Pori Moni says


Entertainment Report :

Former Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Md Golam Saklain from the Gulshan Division of Detective Branch (DB) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police has lost his job after being proved to have an immoral relationship with film actress Pori Moni. The Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to
give him ‘compulsory retirement’ from the job.

The opinion of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) has been sought in this regard.

Popular film actress Pori Moni reacted to the matter in the media yesterday. Saklain admitted personal outrage and the actress claimed that she was wronged.


Pori Moni also said in that interview, “If it is said that it happened because of some relationship with me, it is undoubtedly unfair. It can’t be for any relationship. But how is our relationship, how far is it progressing, what is progressing, where has this relationship stopped, – I can’t say anything. Before saying anything, I took so much blame in my house, so I don’t want to say anything now.”

Pori Moni did not say anything clearly about what kind of relationship she had with Saklain.

Keeping the mystery, Pori Moni told media in this regard, “So far our relationship is not clear to people. We were in love, or what we did, nothing is clear. It was asked of Saklain, not me. All fabricated things have been written, publicised. If it is to be known properly, it must be known from both sides. Since I have not said anything about him till now, I have not come to the situation to say anything.

Nor am I somehow closed. But if it feels like that, talking about me, making me a criminal, then I will speak. I don’t think he would say something like that because I am not in the whole thing. Someone may be doing this with Saklain because of some personal anger, if it is his friend and I will not take it.”