Rupanty Akid set for Bollywood debut


Entertainment Report :
Rupanty Akid, who was last seen in the much talked about web film titled ‘Kachher Manush Dure Thuiya’, has now made a notable mark in Bollywood with her role in the movie titled ‘Hindi Bindi’.

Directed by Ali Sayed, the movie features Rupanty Akid portraying a significant character showcasing her acting prowess.

In a recent interview with a leading Bengali daily in the country, Rupanty Akid revealed that a substantial portion of the movie was shot in Sydney. Just two weeks ago, she wrapped up filming for her part in the project.

Born and raised in Sydney, Akid initially began her career as a child artiste in television dramas nearly a decade ago. Gradually transitioning into bigger roles, she has gained recognition as an actress over the years.


In the movie ‘Hindi Bindi’, Rupanty took on the role of an Australian character. Speaking about her experience, Akid mentioned that she was sought for her ability to speak with an Australian accent while also being able to convey dialogues in Hindi.

Rupanty Akid underwent several rounds of auditions, both online and in person, before securing the role through a final audition. Apart from her, the movie features two other main characters portrayed by Neena Gupta and Mihir Ahuja.

Expressing her admiration for Neena Gupta, Rupanty Akid said, “I am a huge fan of her and she is an immensely talented artiste. I have learned a lot from her.”