Onion at Tk 65, eggplant Tk 50, broiler Tk 175: Ramadan item prices still high


Noman Mosharef :
The government has fixed reasonable prices of 29 essential agricultural products, including onion, broiler chicken, mutton, beef, and eggplant, at the retail, wholesale, producer and production levels amid surging price hikes.

In a circular issued on Friday (15 March), the Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM) requested authorities concerned to sell the products at the newly fixed rates.

On the other hand, the prices of other essential items have spiked as usual in Dhaka’s kitchen markets.

Cucumber is being sold at high price Tk 90 to Tk 100 as no one is bothered to lessen the price making difficulties for the people.

Like cucumbers, other Ramadan essentials which price did not fix by the government are being charged high in the market.

According to the new rates, the price of locally produced onion has been set at Tk 65.40 per kg at the retail level, which is currently being sold at Tk 90-100 in the capital’s kitchen markets.

Zahidi date, an essential iftar item, price has been fixed at Tk185.07 per kg.

Eggplant prices have been fixed at Tk 49.75 per kg. Price of this iftar staple has recently surged to Tk 100-120 per kg from Tk 50-60 a few months ago.

The DAM also fixed the price of potato at Tk28.55 per kg; green chillies at Tk 60.20 per kg; dry chillies at Tk 327.34 per kg; mung dal at Tk 165.81 per kg; chickpea at Tk 98.30 per kg; coarse lentils at Tk 105.50 per kg; premium lentils at Tk 130.50 per kg; bean at Tk 48 per kg; cauliflower at Tk 29.60 per kg; imported ginger at Tk 180.20 per kg; and locally produced garlic price at Tk 120.81 per kg.


Vegetable prices have seen a massive surge in recent months.

The Directorate of National Consumers’ Right Protection blames the multi-handed supply chain for the vegetable price inflation.

DNCRP Director General AHM Safiquzzaman pointed out that “the price increases by Tk 20 just by changing hands once in Karwan Bazar.

This mark-up, repeated throughout the chain, leads to abnormal price hikes before Ramadan.”

Stakeholders believe the mentality of traders is a major factor.

Eggplants, potatoes, cucumbers, and lemons are all Ramadan staples used in popular iftar dishes like beguni and aloor chop, and sherbet. This predictable surge in demand is exploited by vendors every year.

Meat, fish prices
As per the new DAM instructions, beef is to be sold at Tk 664.39 per kg at the retail level; mutton at Tk1003.56 per kg; broiler chicken at Tk 175.30 per kg; and sonali chicken at Tk 262 per kg.

Broiler chicken price has surged to Tk 230 per kg from Tk 200 recently, according to a media reports.

In addition, beef prices have been volatile since January, with the Meat Traders’ Association admitting its inability to control the market. Prices currently range from Tk 750-780 per kg, with some vendors even charging Tk 800.