RAB nabs 5 members of a gang for killing


Staff Reporter :
In a significant development, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has apprehended five individuals, including Galkata Rabbi, the primary suspect in the highly publicised Faisal murder case, in the Pallabi area of the capital.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, a director of RAB, confirmed this breakthrough during a press briefing in the capital on Saturday morning.

The arrests, carried out in Narsingdi and Gazipur on Friday, yielded notable results, as all the detained suspects are below the age of 26.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Fazle Rabbi, also known as Galkata Rabbi (20), Akash, alias Taan Akash (22), Mohammad Imran (25), Rasel Kazi (24), and Nayan (25).

According to RAB officials, the arrestees perpetrated the fatal hacking of Mohammad Faisal and the injury of his friend Rana in Pallabi on March 16th, as the victims were returning home from an iftar party.


Officer Moin revealed that both the arrestees and Faisal were previously associated with the “Paper Sany Group.”

However, a dispute over drug trade led Galkata Rabbi to establish a separate faction, known as the “Galkata Rabbi Group,” while Faisal remained aligned with the original group.

This discord culminated in occasional clashes between the two factions, prompting Rabbi and his associates to orchestrate a retaliatory attack on the members of the Paper Sany Group.

Executing their plan on the evening of March 16th, the assailants ambushed Faisal and Rana as they made their way home.

Following the gruesome attack, the perpetrators callously retreated to the rooftop of a residence belonging to an accomplice, where they indulged in a celebration of their heinous deed.