Proud mothers of celebrities honoured with ‘Maa Padak’


Entertainment Desk :
The night before the World Mother’s Day, ‘Maa Padak 2023’ was held at a city hotel in the capital’s Gulshan area. Madiha Marsiha Advertising for the second time has organised the event with the support of Ali-Rupa Foundation. Journalist Ovi Moinuddin introduced the award (Maa Padak) last year.
Legendary singer Runa Laila was present as the chief guest at the award ceremony, while Proyas Group Managing Director Pradyut Kumar Talukdar was present as special guest. Ali-Rupa Foundation General Secretary Abdul Haque presided over the event. Musician Kaniz Khadija Tinni welcomed Runa Laila with flowers, and Moumita welcomed Pradyut Kumar Talukdar, said a press release.
The ‘Maa Padak’ was conferred to living legend Dilara Zaman, actor Amin Khan’s mother Arjuda Khan, actor Shahriar Nazim Joy’s mother Bilquis Nazim, actress Deepa Khanadkar’s mother Juthika Akhtar, Arifin Shuvoo’s mother Khairun Nahar, Jyotika Jyoti’s mother Purnima Pal, Lt Col Tanveer Ahmed’s mother Momtaz Begum, actress Bubly’s mother Jasmine Akhter, singer Muhin’s mother Morsheda Begum, singer Liza’s mother Nargis Sultana, news presenter and influencer Israt Amin’s mother Dil Afroz Amin, and movie Hawa famed actress Nazifa Tushi’s mother Shirin Akhter, journalist Moin Abdullah’s mother Sultana Begum and others.
Whiletalking about the award giving ceremony Runa Laila said, “The journey of this ‘Maa Padak’ started last year with my hand. It is great to be with ‘Maa Padak’ this year too. I love seeing so many mothers together. Thanks Ovi for continuing ‘Maa Padak’.”