Proposed budget anti-Bangladesh: BNP


Staff Reporter :
BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir condemned the proposed national budget for the fiscal year 2024–25, labeling it not only anti-people but also anti-Bangladesh.

Speaking at a press conference at the party’s Gulshan office in the capital, he criticised the budget, stating it was designed to facilitate mega projects, mega theft, and mega corruption.

“The entire budget has been prepared for mega projects, mega theft, and mega corruption. So I won’t call it only an anti-people budget, but it is an anti-Bangladesh budget also,” Mirza Fakhrul said.

Accusing the ruling Awami League government of fostering a culture of corruption, he asserted that the budget was aimed at furthering the interests of the elite while burdening the common people.

“In their proposed budget, the expenditure was shown at a much higher level than income and revenue, and that the budget would throw the whole burden onto the common people,” he remarked.

Mirza Fakhrul expressed concern over the increasing inflation, stating, “Inflation soared to the extreme level. Food prices in particular increased past the affordability of the common people of the country.”

He further criticized recent hikes in prices of essential commodities such as petrol, diesel, and electricity, predicting further increases with the implementation of the budget.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the BNP leader, further criticized the government’s policies, highlighting the burdens imposed on the people under agreements with international organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


“What are we paying this money for? Everyone knows that there has been theft in the power sector, that there has been theft in the energy sector. From these quick rentals to importing electricity from Adani in India, everywhere they have made their pockets heavy,” he asserted.

He expressed concern over the escalating cost of living, noting that many people were relocating to villages as they could no longer afford to live in urban areas.

Regarding the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, which the ruling Awami League touts as an achievement, Mirza Fakhrul questioned the government’s priorities, particularly in light of the burdens placed on taxpayers.

“15 per cent tax has been imposed to whiten black money, but 30 per cent tax has been imposed on legitimate income. Those who pay and who follow the path of justice are under pressure,” he remarked, criticizing the disparity in tax burdens.

He also lamented the lack of accountability for corruption, pointing out the accumulation of wealth by government officials and the apparent impunity enjoyed by wrongdoers.

“Nothing happens to those who do crimes and corruptions. How does a government official make wealth worth thousands of crores of taka? There are many more of such incidents. These are possible due to the blessing of this government,” he alleged.

In a separate event marking the 43rd death anniversary of BNP founder Ziaur Rahman, Mirza Fakhrul accused the Awami League government of fostering economic dependence on foreign countries, further underscoring the opposition’s critique of the government’s policies.