Producer Shahriar Shakil withdraws complaint against actor Apurba

Producer Shahriar Shakil and actor Ziaul Faruque Apurba

Entertainment Report :
Television and Digital Producers’ Association of Bangladesh (TELEPAB) and Actors’ Equity Bangladesh have resolved the
dispute between actor Ziaul Faruque Apurba and the
production company, Alpha-i. They resolved the issue after a meeting with both parties
until the end of last Saturday.
Actor Ziaul Faruque Apurba, owner of Alpha-i Shahriar Shakil, President of TELEPAB Monwar Pathan, General Secretary of TELEPAB Saju Muntasir, President of Actors’ Equity Ahsan Habib Nasim and its General Secretary Rawnak Hasan
were present in the meeting.
A joint press release informed that the complexities that have arisen regarding the work
contract between Apurba and the production company, Alpha-i, that’s why both sides complained to TELEPAB and Actors’ Equity. In this context, a meeting was held on March 16 in the
presence of both parties.
It is evident to everyone in the said meeting that both the parties have not completed the work according to the agreement. According to the contract, Apurba acted in nine dramas and both parties agreed not to do the rest of the dramas. In that case, the advance money for the drama that remains to be paid to Apurba, will be coordinated
by the both parties.
It is also said that the incident is not embezzlement in any way, it is a contractual complication. The whole thing happened due
to lack of communication
and coordination.
It is noted that the production company Alpha-i accused the
popular small screen actor Apurba of breaking the contract and embezzling money.
In addition to sending a legal notice to Apurba, Managing Director of Alpha-i, Shahriar Karim Bhuiyan (Shahriar Shakil) filed a written complaint with TELEPAB and Actors’ Equity on March 11, alleging financial loss.