Prices of essentials high in Khulna kitchen markets


UNB, Khulna :
Amid the government’s assurance to keep the prices of daily essentials stable during the month of Ramadan, some unscrupulous businessmen are still active in the market. The price of necessary commodities including dates, pulse, chickpeas, oil, sugar and onion are selling at high prices. Besides, chicken and beef are also selling at high prices, complained locals.
Expressing frustration, some local people said that the government has committed to keep the daily essentials at a tolerable level but there has been no visible action. All the items are selling at high prices.
Within a span of two months, the prices of chickpeas, puffed rice, dates, pulses, flour, and mustard oil have increased by Tk 10-300 per kg in different markets. On the other hand, the price of psyllium husk has increased by Tk 500 per kg.
Besides, prices of Ramadan essentials including potato, coriander leaves, mint leaves, Tang, Rooh Afza have also increased unnecessarily, consumers say.
During a recent visit to the different kitchen markets including Mistripara, Sheikhpara, Boyra and Galamari, this correspondent saw that chickpeas are being sold at Tk 110 per kg which was Tk 90 two months back. Puffed rice, which was Tk 80 per kg two months back, is now being sold at Tk 110-120. Tunisian dates are being sold at Tk 600 per kg which was earlier Tk 300-350 per kg while gram flour is being sold at Tk 70-100 per kg which was Tk 60-80 before. Meanwhile, local varieties of onion are being sold at Tk 90-100 per kg though the government fixed the price at Tk 65 per kg.