Per capita income falls to $2,765


Business Desk :
The per capita income in Bangladesh fell 1% year-on-year to $2,765 in 2022-23.

Citing estimates by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, a planning ministry official confirmed the fall, chalking it down to the devaluation of the taka against the US dollar.

State Minister for Planning Shamsul Alam, however, said per capita income had grown in terms of taka in pace with the economy, which also grew 6.03% this fiscal year.

Per capita income was $2,824 in 2021-22 fiscal year, up from $2,591 in 2020-21.


As taka’s value fell amid the Russia-Ukraine war and the dollar crisis, incomes also fell.

The per capita monthly income of Bangladesh had increased by more than 93% to Tk7,614 in the last six years, according to the Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2022 of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).

In 2016, people in the country earned an average of Tk3,936 per month which means the income increased by Tk3,678 in the last six years.
The BBS survey said every household in the country earns an average of Tk32,422 per month. After splitting the amount among a little over four-member family, the per capita income stands at Tk7,614.

Earlier in January, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to transform Bangladesh into a country with a per capita income of at least $12,000 by 2041.