Onion price soars to Tk70 per kg

Daily essential commodities including onion, soybean, sugar at a shop in city’s New Market area. This photo was taken on Friday.

Staff Reporter :
The price of onions has increased by Tk30-35 in a month at various kitchen markets in the capital.
Prices of garlic and ginger are also on the rise.

On Friday (12 May), at Moghbazar and Karwan Bazar in the capital, onions were being sold at Tk70-75 per kg, which was Tk35-40 a month ago.

Mohammad Badsha, a trader at Karwan Bazar, said, “I sold onions for Tk40 per kg before Eid, now I sell them for Tk70 per kg. We have to buy wholesale at Tk65 per kg.”

A kg of Chinese ginger was Tk150 a month ago, which is now Tk150. Also, local ginger is going for Tk250 which was Tk150 a month ago.
Mohammed Badsha said, “Local garlic is selling at Tk140 per kg which was Tk100 a month ago.”

Buyer Mizanur Rahman said, “I came from Hatirpool to Karwan Bazar and the price is high here too. There is no vegetable below Tk60. Onion is being sold at Tk70.

“Our income is not increasing but prices are rising. Now we have to borrow money to buy groceries.”
On the other hand, the price of chickens (broiler, sonali, popularly known as Pakistani cock), beef still remain high which was reached highest before the holy Eid.

Akramul Islam, a private employee, who used to buy daily essentials for whole month in once said kitchen market is seem a place of fear for middle income group people. They are regularly cutting the items from the list and remain most essential things. Still it is impossible to survive.

He continued middle class now start to sacrifice food quality leaving pricy food to cheap one. As a result the protein and vitamin are automatically remove from the food chart.

Packet sugar is elusive from the retail markets. Loose is also rare in market. Within few days, the sugar price has increased Tk20 to Tk25 and now being sold at Tk140 to Tk145.


Traders blaming after the holy Eid they are not getting sugar from the companies. Company’s sales representatives received other products’ order except sugar.

On the other hand, Bangladesh Vegetable Oil Refiners and Vanaspati Manufacturers Association on Thursday hiked the price soybean oil by Tk12 per litre and new price is Tk199.

Earlier, the price of per litre of bottled soybean oil was Tk187.

Meanwhile, the price of loose soybean oil has been fixed at Tk176 and the price of palm oil has been fixed at Tk135 per litre.
The price of five-litre bottles of soybean oil has been fixed at Tk960.

The chickens price did not decreased which was increased during Eid and now broiler chicken is being sold at Tk240 to Tk250 and sonali at Tk320 to Tk330. The egg is being sold at Tk 145 to Tk150 per dozen by increasing Tk10.

The price of potato, the mostly used vegetable in the Bengali kitchen, have also increased remarkably as per kg potato is being sold at Tk 140 whereas before Eid it was sold at Tk20 to Tk25.

Sohel, a customer from capital Karwan bazaar said we heard that the potato had produced huge. But it price has increased more considering other product. It’s all about the businessmen manipulation.

On the other hand, there is no good news from the vegetable market as almost all vegetables are selling at high price. It is hard to believe that papaya is being sold at Tk60.

The others-bitter gourd is being sold at Tk80 to Tk100, ladies finger at Tk60 to Tk70, drum stick at Tk120 to Tk140, brinjal at Tk80 to Tk100.