One party ruling prevails in the country: BNP


Staff Reporter :
BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said following the disguise of democracy the ruling Awami League (AL) has imposed a one-party rule in the country.

They have no moral or constitutional right to rule the people as they formed a government without people’s mandate by staging one -sided election on January 7 which was not acceptable to our foreign friends also, he added.

He said this at a rally of freedom fighters organized by BNP on the occasion of the Great Independence Day as the chief guest in front of the party’s Nayapalton Central office on Monday.

He claimed that the government is using modern technology to shrivel opposition leaders and activists’ daily activities further saying that when people are trying to protest against the ruling quarter then they use such spy recording to suppress them.


The movement against a fascist regime is not easy but we had been continuing it for 15 years with the direction of our intransigent leader Begum Khaleda Zia, he said.

Moreover, 22 leaders and activists of BNP had sacrificed their supreme lives for the last two years.

Hundred and thousand BNP leaders and activists were imprisoned and they were living an inhuman life in jail, he added.

The condition of leaders and activists from the root level is worse than ours. Even they could not sleep at their homes, Fakhrul said.