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Sylhet Bureau :
The march of death on the Sylhet-Jaintapur-Tamabil highway does not seem to stop. A total of 30 people lost their lives on this road in 14 months, including 16 people in 2023 and 14 people till March 18 this year. Of these, 20 people have died in the last five months. Locals are angry about the death of six people, including women and children, of Patra community on this highway last Monday. They were going to a social event dressed up. But they did not know that this would be the last outfit of their life.
Eyewitnesses say vehicles move at reckless speeds due to increased smuggling in Jainta. It is known that thousands of tourists travel to and from the tourist spots Jaflong, Lalakhal and Shillong in India. Moreover, the only way for local residents is Jainta road. But the concerned authorities are not able to ensure the safety of the road for a long time. The highway police are also silent.
According to Sylhet Region Additional DIG Mohammad Shahidullah, Monday’s accident happened due to reckless speed. According to him, the Sylhet-Tamabil highway is very narrow. And the road has many twists and turns. Besides, there are many constructions on the side of the road. In this situation, local people should be aware to prevent accidents. He said that highway and district police have undertaken a week-long crash program on this route. Over speeding vehicles will be stopped, minor drivers will be identified and operations will be conducted against vehicles without route permit.
Meanwhile, residents blocked the Sylhet-Tamabil road from 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning to protest the frequent accidents. Four hours after the blockade, the locals lifted the blockade with the intervention of the police. Traffic is blocked on both sides of the road due to the blockade. Hundreds of vehicles were stuck in the direction of Sylhet and Tamabil. Protesters said that accidents on this road repeatedly lead to death. Still the administration is indifferent.
It is reported that the Jaintapur to Jaflong section of the Sylhet-Tamabil highway has 15 dangerous curves.
According to the highway police, these bends are very accident prone. Because of these bends, the Tamabil road has become a death trap. One after another road accidents are shedding fresh life here. This is increasing anger and dissatisfaction among the common people.
Co-Organizing Secretary of Nischa Central Committee and Member Secretary of Sylhet Divisional Committee Zahirul Islam Mishu said that most of those who drive on Tamabil highway are not trained. As a result, frequent accidents occur on this road.
Officer in charge of Tamabil Thana Highway Md. Yunus Ali told Bibarta that the cause of frequent road accidents is that unskilled young people are driving. Many parts of this road are dilapidated.
Officer-in-charge of Jaintapur police station Md. Tajul Islam said, the road has been damaged a lot lately and there are very big holes. We will take action against minors and unfit vehicles plying the roads.