Mustafiz executed the plan beautifully: Simons


Agency :
Chennai Super Kings’ bowling consultant, Eric Simons, showered praise on Bangladesh’s standout left-arm paceman, Mustafizur Rahman, following his stellar performance in the IPL opener.

Mustafizur’s magnificent display, delivering his career-best figures, played a pivotal role in securing a six-wicket victory for the defending champions at CSK’s home ground Chepauk, which is slow nature of the wicket, over Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Despite facing challenges in international cricket and being excluded from Bangladesh’s initial ODIs against Sri Lanka, Mustafizur demonstrated his prowess on the IPL stage.

His impactful debut for CSK saw him clinch four crucial wickets, including the prized scalps of Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis, pivotal figures in RCB’s lineup. Mustafizur’s exceptional performance rightfully earned him the title of Player of the Match, showcasing his undeniable talent and value to his team.


“It was always about the conditions and the balance of the side that we would like a left-armer, something we have worked with for a while, somebody that brings something different.

We just felt that he does suit the conditions, but it’s the simplicity of the plan we put in place.

It has always been the hallmark of the way we go about our stuff.

He executed beautifully.” Simons said.