Music lovers still looking for Sonia


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
On the first day of the Bengali New Year, Pahela Boishakh, the song that is played all over the country is that ‘Bajere Baje Dhol Ar Dhak, Elore Pahela Boishakh’.

This song was rendered by Sonia. But that Sonia is no longer a regular singer. She is not available in any new song for a long time because she no longer lives in the country.

Sonia was the surprise name of the music reality show ‘Close Up 1 – Tomakey Khunjchhe Bangladesh’ organised in Bangladesh for the first time. However, she finished fourth in the grand finale. But Sonia came to the most discussion with her extraordinary singing.

Apart from singing song, Sonia distinguished herself as a fashion-conscious artiste. Stage shows were also in high demand.

But even from the peak of fame as a musician, Sonia left the country for Canada.

On August 9, 2009, Sonia married Zahir Ahmed Palash. She is very happy with two children Ayesha and Hamza.

The last time she came to Dhaka, Sonia said, “To tell the truth, I have almost given up singing song since the year 2015. But sometimes I get a proposal to sing song in the country.

I can sing song if I like words and music. But I have no interest in participating in music videos or any television programmes. I want to use my voice only for music.”

Doesn’t it hurt a bit to remove yourself from the music from the peak of popularity? In response to such a question, Sonia told this correspondent, “At that time I was busy with music, but I never imagined that one day I would have to give up music.


But once I gave up music because I have never been in the mood of the story. I am very happy with my family life. I am well and also busy, Alhamdulillah.”

Hailed from Khulna, Sonia developed herself in music at various times under Ustad MA Latif Khan, Golam Rasul, Ali Ahmed and Hanif Sir.

Her role model and inspiration in music is Runa Laila. Sonia’s father Alimuzzaman Chowdhury and mother Tahmina Hassan Laiju. Her younger brother Boni is also a musician.

Although away from music, Sonia especially misses instrumentalists Pallab Sanyal, Alamgir Hossain, Rajib and many others.

She also misses everyone from ‘Close Up 1’ including artistes Hyder Husyn and Asif Akbar.

Sonia’s first original song was ‘Dhew e Dhew e’ written by Kabir Bakul and composed by Shawkat Ali Imon.

Sonia first lent her voice for playback song in music composition of Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul in movie ‘Banglar Bou’ opposite singer Monir Khan. Title of the song was ‘Chithi Likhechhe Bou Aamar Bhanga Bhanga Haate’.

Later, she also rendered playback songs in many more movies including ‘Sampanwala’.

Sonia’s first successful solo album was ‘Nithur Banshi’. This album contains the song titled ‘Bajare Baje Dhol Ar Dhak’.