DEATH TRAP IN DHAKA: Motorcycles pose growing threat to innocent lives


Shahariar Islam Sovon :
A large number of people have died as thousands of motorcycle riders have been riding on Dhaka streets recklesslywithout following any traffic rules and regulations.

Residents of cities, especially students from schools, colleges, and universities, have been going fearfully down the road all the time.

On Dhaka’s roads, bikers frequently drive carelessly and at speeds that are higher than the posted limit.

The operators of these uncontrollably driven two-wheelers disregard all traffic laws.

Road Safety Foundation (RSF), a private organization working to ensure safe roads.

Chairman of RSFProf AI Mahbub Uddin Ahmed told that at least 2,487 (38.12 percent) were killed in 2,532 crashes involving motorcycles.

According to the information of Jatri Kalyan Samiti, 210 people were killed and 129 people were injured in motorcycle accidents in February this year.

At least 2,487 people were killed and 1,943 were injured in 2,532 crashes involving motorcycles last year. Besides, 1,909 of the victims (75.39 percent) were aged between 14 and 45 years.

The riders were solely responsible for 36.21 percent of the bike accidents while drivers of buses and goods-laden vehicles were responsible for 51.21 percent.


Pedestrians told The New Nation that there is no place for children to walk safely.

Even, bikers ply through the footpaths also which causes massive traffic congestion and create extreme chaos.

Uttara, Gulistan, Dhanmondi, Jatrabari, Saydabad, Paltan, ShanirAkhra, Mohammadpur, Green Road, Babu Bazar are one of the most busiest road in Dhaka city but the pedestrians of this area they have been facing extreme immense problem due to the bad condition of the road.

Residents of Jatrabari, Babu Bazar, Mohammadpur told The New Nation that we have been facing waterlooging problems for last 5-6 years but who cares?
Experts told The New Nation that two-wheeled motorcycles are 30 percent more vulnerable to road accidents rather than four-wheeled vehicles.

Along with the strict enforcement of the law, the concerned should also rein in the registration of motorcycles. Some local bus drivers informed The New Nation that no one want to follow the rules.

‘Everyone is looking for a shortcut and I am also ready to take chances when I notice more bikersbreak the rules and they drive on a wrong route’ he said.

Sergeant of Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Traffic Zone of DMP told The New Nation that many bikes come together and create such a situation that we do not even get a chance to take legal action.

Uber-Pathao drivers do not want to follow the rules and they occupy a large portion of footpaths at Dhaka Street.