Lyricist Rafiquzzaman honoured with Swadhinata Padak 2024


Entertainment Desk :
The government has officially nominated ten persons to
receive the highest civilian award, Swadhinata Padak this
year in recognition of their meritorious contributions
at a national level. Amongst them, legendary
lyricist Mohammad Rafiquzzaman has been nominated
for his contribution to the cultural arena.
Regarding this honour, Mohammad Rafiquzzaman shared
his feelings by this way, “I learned that they nominated me for the prestigious award through a friend who saw the
news on television. As the Ministry has yet to inform me,
I feel I shouldn’t comment in this regard.”
In response to the appearance of his name on the official
government notification, he said, “However, I can affirm that I didn’t need to apply for consideration of this award. I’m genuinely delighted that I received this honour without needing to apply.
It brings me great joy that the government has acknowledged my body of work for the Independence Award out of a sense of duty.”
Author, screenplay writer and lyricist Mohammad Rafiquzzaman was honoured with the National Film Award on three occasions. He won Best Lyrics twice for the lyrics of
‘Tumi Emoni Jal Petecho Songsare’ in ‘Shuvoda’ (1986) and ‘Fuler Bashor Bhanglo Jokhon’ in ‘Chandranath’ (1984).
Additionally, he earned the National Film Award for
Best Story for the movie ‘Megher Koley Rod’ in 2008.
Mohammad Rafiquzzaman composed 2,000 songs, three
song compilations, four poetry compilations, and three
essay collections on music. He was also honoured
with the prestigious BACHSAS Award.