Heavy rain to water logging: Locals enjoy, suffer over sudden shower

Vehicles ply on a waterlogged road as it went under water with a sudden spell of rain-- thanks to poor drainage system in the capital. This photo was taken from city's Naya Paltan area on Tuesday.

Staff Reporter :
The scorching heat of Tuesday morning in Dhaka gave way to a sudden downpour in the afternoon, bringing a welcomed reprieve for city dwellers.

However, with the blessing of rain came the burden of suffering, as torrential rainfall inundated the streets, leading to widespread water logging and crippling traffic jams across the capital city.

As the heavens opened up, offering relief from the relentless heat, Dhaka’s residents found themselves navigating through knee-deep waters and grappling with the chaos of traffic congestion.

Amidst the duality of relief and agony, the streets of Dhaka transformed into a battleground for commuters, traders, and pedestrians alike, navigating through the challenges brought forth by nature’s unpredictable temperament.

In the New Market area, extensive waterlogging ensued, creating an agonising traffic jam that posed hurdles for traders, customers, and pedestrians alike.

Shah Jamal, a contractor from New Market, expressed his frustration, saying, “I came here to buy something for the household and do some Eid shopping. But I got caught in the sudden rain.

It will be hard for me to reach my residence before iftar, as the rain has also caused traffic gridlock in different streets.”

Similar bitter experiences were reported in various parts of the capital, including Elephant Road, Sukrabad, Zigatola, Panthapath, Moghbazar, Shantinagar, Malibagh, Old Dhaka, Karwanbazar, Motijheel, Kakrail, Nayapaltan, and Puran Paltan. Residents from the Gulshan, Banani, and Baridhara areas also faced similar challenges.

People were seen wading through ankle-deep and knee-deep water in nearly every street across Dhaka.

Additionally, street vendors in different parts of the capital encountered significant crises due to the rain. Many were forced to close their makeshift shops prematurely, disrupting ongoing sales.

The continuous rain also hindered their efforts to redecorate their shops before Iftar.

The one-hour-long rain in Dhaka brought about deep trouble for people who ventured out of their homes for various purposes, including shopping.


Many were observed waiting for public transport in the rain, while others navigated through ankle-deep or knee-deep filthy waters in streets across different areas of the city.

Despite the inconvenience, the rainfall brought a slight drop in temperature, accompanied by stormy winds.

For those observing fasting during Ramadan, the rain was seen as a blessing, providing relief from the sweltering heat.

The morning began with cloudy skies and high temperatures, leaving the city engulfed in humid heat. As the day progressed, the density of clouds increased in the sky.

At around 2:30 pm, the sky darkened, and rain, accompanied by stormy winds, began at approximately 2:45 pm, drenching the streets of Dhaka. However, many encountered inconveniences while leaving their offices.

Numerous individuals were spotted purchasing items with wet clothes, as changing attire became challenging amidst the massive gridlock in the streets.

Several people expressed gratitude for the rain, attributing it to a blessing from a higher power for cleansing the air and providing relief from the scorching weather. However, they lamented that the public suffering resulting from waterlogging was a man-made problem.

Harun-ur-Rashid, a resident of Mirpur who had come to Motijheel for office duty, emphasised, “It is the responsibility of the city corporations to manage waterlogging by keeping the drains clean, but they have failed to fulfil their duties properly.”

Residents from various areas also criticised the city authorities for their failure to address the recurring issue of waterlogging.

Tahmina Chowdhury, a buyer at a shopping mall in Mouchak, voiced her frustration, stating, “The city corporations should be adequately prepared for the upcoming rainy season, but they appear indifferent to this significant public issue.”

She urged the authorities to take effective measures to alleviate the acute traffic gridlock and ensure the well-being of the people.