Leaky ceiling halts SC proceedings


News Desk :
Water leakage from the ceiling disrupted proceedings at the Supreme Court’s Appellate Division, leading judges to temporarily leave the courtroom.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning, causing an 18-minute suspension of court proceedings as water began to drip directly onto the justices’ seats, reports bdnews24.com

Among those affected was Chief Justice Obaidul Hassan and four other judges, who vacated the courtroom at 9:44 am.


Court officials acted quickly to rearrange the seating by removing the chairs, which were accumulating water from the roof, to prevent further disruption.

The court reconvened at 10:02 am. After the trial resumed, Attorney General AM Amin Uddin said, “The courtroom ceiling is in a hazardous condition. An engineer should take a proper look into it.”

In response, CJ Hassan said the engineers would begin repair works later on Thursday.