Lax asset disclosure provision for officials to spurt graft: TIB


Special Correspondent :
Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has voiced concerns over the government’s decision to make the submission of annual wealth statements by public servants optional.

TIB fears that this move could lead to heightened corruption and diminished accountability among the country’s 1.5 lakh public employees.

Expressing its concerns, the civil society organisation TIB, in a press statement issued on Tuesday, called on the government not to implement the proposed amendment.

Citing media reports, the TIB said the public administration ministry took the initiative to amend the aforementioned law, which has been vetted by the law ministry and is set to be placed to the secretary committee on administrative development affairs.


Commenting on the proposed amendment, TIB Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman said, “Removing the provision, that stipulates the submission of annual wealth statements every five years by public servants, will lead to more corruption by unscrupulous government officials.”

“The proposed amendment to the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules is in stark contrast to the government’s election pledge and declaration of zero tolerance against corruption at the highest level.”

“Initially, there was a provision to submit the assets statement every year, but in the face of the reluctance of the government employees, later it was relaxed and the provision was made to submit it every five years. But, there is a disinclination to follow that provision properly as well,” added Iftekharuzzaman.

He continued, “Government employees provide an asset statement at the beginning of employment.