JUSTICE FOR AVANTIKA: JnU students hold sit-in program


JnU Correspondent :
Students of Jagannath University (JnU) staged a sit-in program in front of the administration building demanding justice for Fairuz Sadaf Avantika, a student of Jagannath University’s (JnU) Law Department, who killed herself committing suicide.

On Monday at 12 o’clock, the students of Jagannath University held the program under the banner of ‘Jagannath University against oppression’.

Ivan Tahseeb, a student of the 16th batch of the university said that Deen Islam and Amman Siddiqui were arrested last night in the face of the agitation.

“Movement is our only language. Because we were able to create that pressure, the administration was forced to take this step in the face of the movement,” he said.


He also said that our movement will continue in any tragic and unpleasant incident.

“We will stand against the negligence of the administration, we will organize a movement.

Until we get fair justice, our movement and struggle will continue, our position program will continue,” he added.

The court granted two-day remand to Avantika’s classmate Amman Siddiqui and one-day remand to Jagannath University teacher Deen Islam in connection with Avantika’s suicide.