Ishwardi residents protest holding tax hike


Ishwardi (Pabna) Correspondent :

In Ishwardi, a human chain was held under the banner of conscious citizens to protest against the increase in municipal tax at an unusual rate in the municipality. This program was organised in front of Ishwardi Press Club on Sunday afternoon.
The speakers in the human chain said that the municipal authorities are collecting the holding tax by miking the citizens as hostages to show the new assessment. If the tax is not paid, the new assessment does not show the amount of tax collected. Protesting this irregular activity, the speakers also said that the present mayor of the municipality, Isaac Ali Malitha, has unduly increased the municipal tax at an abnormal rate to establish a dictatorship. Due to the increase in commodity prices, the daily life of the common man has already been affected. In this condition, the abnormal rate of male growth is like a sore on the die. Taxes are being increased without working to alleviate the problems and increase the facilities of the citizens. After the human chain, an ultimatum was given that if the demands were not met, a larger movement program including siege of the municipality would be announced.