Health workers urged to overcome mental pressure to win COVID-19

City Desk :
The physicians, nurses, technologists and technologists and common people must overcome mental pressure to strengthen their immune system to win the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Noted psychiatric specialist and former Head of the Department of Psychiatry of Rangpur Medical College Professor Dr. Jyotirmoy Roy expressed the view on Saturday at an advisory meeting held at Good Health Hospital (GHH) in Rangpur as the keynote speaker.
The GHH authority organised the event on “Mental health risk amid coronavirus outbreak, role of health workers and common people” to overcome the panic and fear of COVID-19 for maintaining sound mental health. Executive Director of GHH Dr. Syed Mamunur Rahman presided over the event arranged maintaining social distancing with participation of the physicians, nurses, technologists, technicians and other employees of the hospital and local journalists.
Narrating various aspects of COVID-19, Professor Roy said everyone has to adopt all possible means and practice a changed lifestyle under the present situation to overcome mental pressure for maintaining sound mental health to strengthen the immune system.
“The physicians, nurses, technologists, technicians and other health service providing staff at the hospitals must maintain mental equilibrium to render smooth services not only to the COVID-19 patients, but all other patients properly,” he said.
Without sound mental health, people remain under mental pressure that may break their mental balance and cause depression hampering activities of the nervous, hormonal and whole immune systems ultimately destroying disease resistance capacity.
“As there is no medicine against COVID-19, health workers and people should maintain social distancing, give more time to family members, frequently exercise, enjoy songs for entertainment and read books to enhance mental happiness,” Roy said.
While staying at home, he put special emphasis on eating nutritious and balanced food, walking on the roofs and doing little work to keep all organs active and have adequate sleep to maintain sound mental health and strengthen the immune system.
“Sitting quite idly at home and believing COVID-19 as a fear may cause high blood pressure and heart ailments, asthma, pain at different parts of the body resulting in weakening the immune system and failure of many organs,” he said.
He specially suggested the physicians and other health workers and common people not be panicked, but properly abide by the health directives of the government and maintain social distancing to prevent community transmission of COVID-19 and remain safe.
“Above all, we must not give any chance to develop internal mental disease for ensuring mental stability to win over COVID-19 infection with personal and social awareness of everyone,” Dr Roy added.. Expert physicians and Medical Officers of GHH, including Dr. Arnob Rahman, Dr. Ferdous Ajam, Dr. Md. Mohosin Ali, Dr. Nahid Akhter, Dr Ummey Honey Tonne, Dr. Irina Jahan Aroni and Dr. Nahida Akhter, among others, were present.