Hasina slams BNP leaders over anti-India campaign


Staff Reporter :
In a recent address at a discussion meeting held at the Awami League office in Tejgaon, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina delivered scathing remarks aimed at leaders of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) for their advocacy of an anti-India campaign within Bangladesh.

During her speech organised by the Awami League on the occasion of Independence and National Day, she urged BNP leaders to reconsider their stance and questioned their commitment to boycotting Indian products.

Prime Minister Hasina’s remarks took a direct aim at the BNP leadership, suggesting that if they were sincere about boycotting Indian goods, they should start by searching for Indian sarees in possession of their wives and burning them.


She also advised them to stop using Indian spices in their kitchens. This statement comes amidst growing tensions between India and Bangladesh, with the BNP allegedly promoting an anti-India sentiment within the country.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Hasina ridiculed a recent act by a BNP leader who burned his shawl as a symbol of boycotting Indian goods, labeling it as futile and ineffective.

She emphasised that the people of Bangladesh had rejected the BNP due to their history of violence, terrorism, and disregard for democratic principles.