Ghana, Bangladesh plans to collaborate to develop economies


Staff Reporter :
Ghanaian and Bangladeshi businesses want to strengthen and solidify their businesses, trade, and economies through partnership and mutual cooperation.

Ghana is interested in working with businesses from Bangladesh to further increase trade with the country.

This was discussed at a meeting held at the FBCCI Motijheel office on Tuesday.

The meeting was chaired by FBCCI Senior Vice President Md. Amin Helaly.

He said that African countries, including Ghana, are rich in natural resources. They also have a large land area. On the other hand, Bangladesh has a large population.

“Through partnership and mutual cooperation, we can produce cotton and other agricultural products there.” Md. Amin Helaly added.

Highlighting Bangladesh’s production capacity of textiles, pharmaceuticals, leather, jute, ceramics, and consumer goods, Amin Helaly said that Bangladesh’s products are of world quality.


He invited African businessmen to invest in potential sectors in Bangladesh.

He assured that FBCCI will cooperate with the country’s businessmen to strengthen B2B meetings and relationships.

Eugene T. Sanmorte, head of the delegation and head of the Ghana JT Program, said, “Ghana is a prime investment destination.

Our doors are always open for product manufacturing, trade, and investment.”

He expressed hope that this meeting will accelerate the partnership between Bangladesh and Ghana in economic development and will help to improve the economy.

FBCCI directors Khandaker Ruhul Amin, Syed Mohammad Bakhtiyar, FBCCI secretary general Muhammed Alamgir, members of the general council, business leaders, and representatives of development organizations were present at the meeting.