Freshwater crisis next challenge for Bangladesh


City Desk :
“Global temperatures are rising and so are sea levels.

Biodiversity and agricultural land are being damaged by salinity, and freshwater sources are shrinking in Bangladesh).

One of the challenges for us is to maintain the proper supply of fresh water in the future,” he added.

As the chief guest, Tazul was addressing a discussion styled “Water for Peace” at a Dhaka hotel on Sunday, marking this year’s World Water Day, reports media.

The Department of Public Health Engineering jointly organized the seminar with support from Unicef, WHO, and the Embassy of Sweden.


Talking about the potential crisis of fresh water, the minister warned that the groundwater level in the country keeps deepening due to heavy consumption.

To tackle the problem, the government has taken measures to harvest rainwater and make proper use of surface water, he added.

Tazul went on to say that polluted water from industrial units and sewage lines should be treated well.

“This is because those not only pollute the environment but also contaminate freshwater,” he concluded.

Swedish Ambassador Alexandra Berg von Linde, Unicef Bangladesh Representative Emma Brigham, and WHO official Rajendra Bohra, among others, spoke at the event.