FBCCI seeks business-friendly environment


Business Report :
Bangladesh should strengthen its business-friendly environment now to fight challenges originated from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, the Middle East crisis and the nation’s upcoming economic graduation, FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam said while addressing a discussion on the preparation of recommendations for the upcoming national budget, at the FBCCI office in Dhaka on Saturday.

“We have already got a number recommendation from different chambers and associations, which will be reviewed to incorporate in the next budget proposal,” said the president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI).

Mahbubul Alam also hoped that there would be specific guidelines in the next budget for FY25 considering the current economic challenges alongside firm steps in the macroeconomic management to uphold the economic development.

“In light of this, the budget proposals of the FBCCI are being framed,” Mahbubul said while addressing a pre-budget view exchange meeting with heads of chambers and sector-based associations.

This view exchange meeting was held today at the board room of FBCCI to discuss proposals and recommendations related to import duty, income tax, VAT and other taxes in the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year (FY25).
In the meeting, the FBCCI president said that the process for preparing the budget proposals of FBCCI for the next fiscal year has already started.

“We’ve received several proposals from various Chambers and Associations which are under consideration for inclusion in FBCCI’s proposals. The expert team formed by the FBCCI is working on the budget proposals,” he added.


Mahbubul also mentioned that the National Board of Revenue’s (NBR’s) budget taskforce on income tax, import duty and customs has discussed the basic proposals of FBCCI on income tax, import duty and customs.

He said although the country’s national economy is on a solid foundation, the ongoing global economic crisis continues to create challenges for the economy of Bangladesh like other countries of the world.

“So, it has become imperative to strengthen further the country’s business-friendly environment to face the long-term impact of post COVID-19 situation, Russia-Ukraine war situation and the Middle East crisis and the challenges of LDC graduation,” he added.

Mahbubul hoped that special priorities would be given in the next budget to strengthen the position of Bangladesh in the global competitiveness index, reducing cost of doing business, ensuring investment protection, increasing port capacity, ensuring balanced investment supportive monetary and customs management, reducing all types of transportation costs including shipping costs as well as electricity and fuel costs.

Besides, he advocated for ensuring transparency and good governance in infrastructure development and also to ensure business-friendly tax management by eliminating harassment in tax collection.

FBCCI senior vice president Amin Helali said that the FBCCI is working on making logical proposals after taking various opinions and recommendations from the traders.