Eid, Pahela Baishakh celebrations boom attire industry


Staff Reporter :
The convergence of Eid and Pahela Baishakh festivals this year has presented a significant opportunity for sellers, particularly in the domestic fashion sector.

Fashion houses have made extensive preparations for this occasion, anticipating a substantial surge in sales.

According to the Fashion Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh, the Eid-centric economy is valued at thousands of crores of Taka.

The current fashion market in the country is estimated to be worth over 15 thousand crore Taka, with 25 to 30 percent of sales occurring during Eid-ul-Fitr and around 10 percent during Pahela Baishakh.

Entrepreneurs have noted that businesses related to clothing, shoes, and accessories experience robust growth during these major Muslim festivals.

Additionally, the increasing purchasing power of certain segments of the population contributes to the expansion of this economy on an annual basis.

Soumik Das, Director of the Fashion Entrepreneurs Association and Managing Director of Rang Bangladesh, said, “The significant sales opportunity created by the conjunction of Eid and Baishakh. He emphasised the widespread demand for clothing across the country.”

“This year, there is a particular focus on clothing designs that are suitable for both Eid and Baishakh celebrations. Family-oriented clothing lines are especially sought after, with designs incorporating elements from both festivals,” added Soumik.

The domestic brands and fashion houses are now at the top of the list of preferences of the buyers in the capital.

The same is the case in big cities outside Dhaka like Chattogram, Sylhet, Bogura, Rajshahi, Khulna and Barisal.


According to the concerned people, there are about six thousand fashion houses and boutique shops all over the country.

This correspondent found out that in many shops in Bailey Road and Elephant Road, the presence of buyers has increased manifolds even though the Eid season has not started yet, with some following the trend, while some buying in advance.

Masrufa, an English medium teacher, was shopping with her family at Bailey Road said that she started shopping a bit early as she plans to go her hometown a little early this time. She also plans to buy light clothes to wear on Pahela Baishakh.

Sabuj Hasan, manager of Artisan at Bailey Road, said that Panjabi for boys and party dresses for girls are in high demand this time.

Keeping the summer in mind, there is a good demand for comfortable clothes with a traditional theme.

Jahidul Islam, in-charge of Infinity, said, “The sales have not increased yet. Buyers are coming and looking.

The main sale will start after ten days of Ramadan and even at the last moment, the fashion houses and shops will be filled with buyers till midnight.

It is expected that the sales will be higher this year than in other years.”
Shaheen Ahmmed, CEO of Anjans, believes that people have become more aware in the last few decades.

Besides, the buyers have come out of the notion that foreign clothes are good.

He said that keeping in mind the fashion and the two festivals are together, the designers have worked to bring innovation in fashion.