Dhaka air quality third worst


City Desk :
Dhaka ranked third on the list of cities worldwide with the worst air quality with an AQI index of 181 at 9:05am on Monday.

Dhaka’s air was unhealthy, according to the Air Quality Index, reports UNB. Pakistan’s Lahore, India’s Delhi and Algeria’s Algiers occupied the first, second and fourth spots on the list, with AQI scores of 213, 197 and 171, respectively.


When the AQI value for particle pollution is between 101 and 150, air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups, between 150 and 200 is unhealthy, between 201 and 300 is very unhealthy, while a reading of 301+ is hazardous, posing serious health risks to residents.

The AQI, an index for reporting daily air quality, informs people how clean or polluted the air of a city is and what associated health effects might be a concern for them.