Deer caught from locality released in Sundarbans


Bagerhat Correspondent :
A deer s caught by the members of the Tiger Team and the locals from the village Dakkhin Chalitabunia under Sharankhola Upazila (in Bagerhat district), adjacent to the Eastern Sundarbans on Wednesday (June 12) at night at 10 was released in the forest at the same night. At that time another deer that arrived at the village after crossing the river Bhola that separates human habitations from Sundarbans returned back to Sundarbans after crossing the river.
It is learnt from Shahin Faraji, a member of Southknali Union based “Tiger Team” under Sharankhola Upazila in the district that at Wednesday night at about 10 a pair of deer entered into the village Dakkhin Chalitabunia from the Eastern Sundarbans after crossing the adjacent river and reached the house premises belonging to one Shah Alam Hawladar of the village. On seeing the deer the passers-by chased them. Then finding no other alternative they (deer) jumped into an adjacent pond. Being informed of the matter the members of the Tiger Team rushed to the spot, recovered one of the 2 deer and took it to Bogi Forest Station and it was released there in Sundarbans at about 12 pm. On the other hand, the other deer being chased by the people returned back to the Sundbans, it was claimed by Shaheen Faraji, a member of the Tiger Team.
Shaikh Mahbub Hossain (ACF), Range Officer of Sharankhola in the Eastern Sundarbans (in Bagerhat district) told, with the help of the members of the Tiger Team the deer was recovered from the human habitations and was released in Sundarbans at Bogi Forest Station Office.