Coughing due to AIR POLLUTIONS, WEATHER CHANGE: Covid survivors, minors suffer most


Reza Mahmud :
Across Bangladesh, a surge in cases of relentless coughing and respiratory issues is causing severe distress, particularly among Covid survivors and children.

Public health experts have identified a combination of some factors like Covid and cough contributing to the current health crisis, including various viruses, climate change impacts, air pollution, and changes in weather patterns.

Parents from various districts and areas within the capital have reported to The New Nation their struggles as their children grapple with prolonged symptoms showing little to no signs of improvement.

“It’s truly heartbreaking to see my nine-year-old daughter suffer from severe coughing spells. Despite trying various medications, nothing has led to her recovery,” shared Amirul Islam, a journalist residing in Jatrabari, Dhaka.

Similar stories echo throughout Dhaka, with Shaymol Kanti from the Khilgaon area reporting acute coughing issues in two of his children.

In the Faridpur district’s Kamarkhali area, a couple, both life insurance officers, expressed their concern over their six-year-old daughter Shifa Moni’s severe coughing, which remains uncontrolled despite various treatments.

In Boalmari, Faridpur, Saad, a 12-year-old, and his two younger brothers have been suffering for an extended period, with commonly used medicines and even higher antibiotics failing to offer relief.

“It’s unprecedented how our children are bent over coughing incessantly, often leading to vomiting,” the parents lamented, noting Saad’s additional respiratory problems.

In Shariatpur, Engineer Mehedi voiced concerns over his two sons, aged five years and a few months, respectively, who are both experiencing severe coughing and respiratory issues.


Health officials and public health experts acknowledge the role of weather changes, air pollution, and climate change in exacerbating these health issues among children.

Dr. Abul Hadi Mohammad Shah Paran, Civil Surgeon of Shariatpur district, noted that not only children but also the elderly are suffering from cold-related ailments, including fever, coughing, and respiratory crises.

Dr. Shah Mohammad Bodruddoza, Deputy Civil Surgeon of Faridpur district, observed that the abrupt end to winter has led to fluctuations between high daytime temperatures and chilly nights, adversely affecting the health of the elderly and children.

“The sudden shift in temperature is making vulnerable populations sick,” he remarked.

However, Dr. Mohammed Elias Chowdhury, Civil Surgeon of Chattogram district, suggested that while there is a noticeable increase in respiratory and cold-related illnesses among children and the elderly, the situation in his area is not alarmingly severe, possibly attributing it to ordinary weather changes.

“It is true that children and elderly people are in number taking treatment for infecting coughing and cold related health problems, but it is not in extreme level sickness in our areas,” he said.

Prominent public health expert Dr. Lenin Chowdhury emphasized the multifaceted nature of this year’s severe coughing and respiratory issues, highlighting air pollution and post-COVID health hazards as significant contributors.

He urged government health departments to conduct genomic sequencing of the viruses currently infecting the population to devise effective medical solutions. Additionally, Dr. Chowdhury recommended examining the role of post-COVID health conditions in contributing to the current spike in coughing, cold-related complexities, and respiratory issues.

“There are multiple factors are behind this year’s severe coughing and respiratory problems including air pollutions, post Covid health hazards and such others,” he said.