Corruption Eradication Forum holds protest rally in Sylhet


Sylhet Bureau :

A huge protest rally was held at the historical court point of Sylhet city on Wednesday.

on the initiative of Central Committee of Anti-Corruption Bangladesh Forum to stop the Israeli brutality and genocide in Gaza and the waste of Jewish products, and to establish an independent-sovereign Palestinian state.

General Secretary of Anti-Corruption Forum Bangladesh Forum Central Committee Janatana Maqsud Hossain said in the speech of the main speaker that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, the Americans have killed 280,000 to 310,000 civilians using this pretext. There is no account of how many lakhs of people have died as a result of this war.

For nearly 50 years, Israel has been steam-ruling the freedom-seeking people to create an independent Palestinian state on Arab land. Recently, its levels have reached an extreme.

With the connivance of the US imperialists, Israel has now started genocide in Gaza.

Why are the Muslim world and international mentors failing to provide any effective solutions? That is the question of humanitarian people.


The Palestinians have shown today that they know how to stand on their own feet and answer their own insults. Israelis should learn from this.

He thanked the Honorable Prime Minister for his speech on the genocide in Palestine and called for immediate adoption of a condemnation resolution in the National Parliament without limiting himself to the speech.

Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury said in the speech of the president at the protest meeting, hospitals, mass media, mosques, Giza are not spared from this Israeli brutality.

The images of the helplessness of innocent children, elderly men and women are emerging in the social media and the mass media is very painful to the peace loving people of the world.

The only way for the leaders of the Arab world to solve this great crisis is to make a firm commitment to the elimination of Jewish products. At the protest meeting, the people present along with the leaders of Anti-Corruption Bangladesh Forum took an oath to waste Jewish products.

Leaders have recently disclosed in the media the audit objections of Tk 3 lakh crores, Rupali Bank loan irregularities of Tk 190 crores in false exports, unnecessary projects of Tk 42 thousand crores broken – Kuakata railway, extreme suffering of the people in the national birth and death registration, retired ACC officer M. in police custody in Chittagong.

Expressing deep concern, anxiety and strong condemnation on the news of Shahidullah’s death and road and highways department not working in Sunamganj, raising bills of crores of rupees, he said that the people of the country want to see direct action against market control, big corruption and corrupt people before the national elections.