Abantika Suicide Case: Cop find initial involvement of teacher and classmate


Staff Reporter with JNU Correspondent :
Police have revealed that Jagannath University’s assistant proctor, Deen Islam, and Abantika’s classmate, Amman Siddique, were involved in the tragic suicide of Fairuz Abantika, a student of the law department.

Dr. Mahid Uddin, the Additional Police Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), disclosed this information during a press conference on Sunday noon.

He mentioned that the accused came under scrutiny immediately after the incident and were subsequently arrested following the filing of a case with the Katwali police station in Cumilla.

The police official also stated that initially, the accused provided fragmented details of the incident.

However, it is premature to provide further specifics before completing the full investigation. Nonetheless, it is evident that they played a role in the incident.


In response to the situation, Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Sadeka Halim addressed reporters after a programme held on the university premises on Sunday.

She mentioned that the victim, Abantika, had not lodged any complaint with the university’s sexual harassment committee, despite attributing her suicide to the assistant proctor and her classmate.

On Saturday night (March 16), police detained Jagannath University’s assistant proctor Deen Islam and student Amman Siddique in connection with Abantika’s suicide in Cumilla.

Earlier, Fairuz Sadaf Abantika, a student of the Jagannath University (JnU) Law Department from the session 2017-18, tragically took her own life by hanging herself after posting on Facebook on Friday night.