Readers’ Voice: Climate change affecting agriculture


It is scientifically proved that agriculture is one of the worst victims of climate change.

Due to climate change, agriculture vis-à-vis food security is facing great challenges.

Extreme heat, scarcity of irrigation water, new strains of crop pest and diseases are hindering agricultural production resulting in crop failure and less yield.

To face the climate change challenges, agricultural scientists all over the world are working for agricultural innovation to adapt to the changed situation.

Through the use of genome sequencing and marker technologies, plant breeders are innovating new stress tolerant crop varieties.


To successfully encounter the negative impacts of climate change, sharing of natural resources and scientific technologies among the nations is a must.

So, I strongly feel that agriculture should be globalised for attaining sustainable food production to ensure global food security.

For instance, Africa has 60 percent of the world’s arable land which can easily be used for producing food through global initiative.

Global sharing of water resources for agriculture can effectively mitigate the water problem and help keep sustainable agricultural production.

Prof M Zahidul Haque
SAU, Dhaka