CGS workshop in Sylhet with media workers to prevent rumours


Sylhet Bureau :

A workshop titled ‘Confronting Misinformation in Bangladesh’ has been held to prevent misleading information, fake news and rumours.

Research institute Center for Governance Studies (CGS) in collaboration with the US State Department organized the workshop on Friday at a hotel auditorium in Sylhet.

National and local media journalists, fact-checkers and social media influencers working in Sylhet participated in the workshop.


CGS Executive Director Zillur Rahman gave the opening speech and the workshop was conducted by Agence France Presse (AFP) Fact Check Editor Kadruddin Shishir.

In the workshop, Kadruddin Shishir provided training to journalists on various methods, means and precautions regarding fact checking in publishing news in the media. In addition, in the workshop, election-centric misinformation in Bangladesh, the nature of religious misinformation, the current state of fact-checking, the risk of false information in elections, the comparative position of Bangladesh with different countries, what to do to combat disinformation, etc.

In his opening speech, Zillur Rahman said, ‘There is a tendency for rumors to spread in the country during election years, at this time, journalists should be more careful in spreading news.’