CAB blasts acute shortage of fresh water in Ctg


Chattogram Bureau :

Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) Chattogram Division and City Committee have demanded to ensure the supply of fresh water in the Port City urgently.

CAB leaders made these demands in a statement on Sunday expressing anger over the dire shortage of fresh water.
It is said in the statement that the country is burning due to intense heat. At that time, when the demand for water increased, there was a severe crisis due to the decrease in production in Chattogram WASA.


Almost half of the city’s water supplied by Chattogram WASA is found to have excess salt. WASA claims that the water level in Kaptai lake has gone down a lot. Due to this, the water in the lake is not being released. Due to this, the salinity of Halda river water has increased.

The statement further said that the production of WASA water has decreased due to the accumulation of algae in the Karnaphuli river, depletion of water in the Kaptai lake, intrusion of sea water in the Karnaphuli and Halda rivers. This crisis will not be solved until it rains. Besides, the production of Chattogram water from Sheikh Russell and Mohra water treatment plants has abnormally decreased due to increase in salinity in Halda water.

In such a situation, on one hand there is a cry for water, on the other hand, people are not getting clean water.