FIFA WC QUALIFIERS: BD eye to fight against Palestine

Members of Bangladesh Football team during their practice session at Kuwait City in Kuwait on Wednesday.

Sports Reporter :
Bangladesh Football team will face Palestine Football team in their away match of the FIFA World Cup (WC) Qualifiers at Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium in Kuwait City of Kuwait today.

The match will kick-off at 12:30am. According to the latest FIFA rankings, Palestine have attained 97th position, while Bangladesh have achieved 183rd spot.

Before today’s match, Members of Bangladesh squad took part a two-week long conditioning camp at the King Al-Fahd Sports Complex in Al Taif City of Saudi Arabia.

Thus, Bangladesh have a good preparation to face their stronger Middle East opponent.

Bangladesh played two warm-up matches against Sudan in Saudi Arabia.

Bangladesh drew 1-1 with Sudan in the first warm-up match, while Bangladesh lost to Sudan 0-3 goals in the second warm-up match.

Bangladesh, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon are in Group-I in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Bangladesh tasted a 0-7 goals to mighty Australia in their first Group-I away match at Melbourne, while Bangladesh drew 1-1 goals with Lebanon in their second Group-I match.

On the other hand, Palestine played a goalless draw with Lebanon in their first Group-I match and then Palestine lost to Australia by a solitary goal in their second Group-I match.

So, both of the teams will try to register their first win in Group-I of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Forward Rakib Hossain said, ” Our Head Coach Javier Cabrera have worked with our defence and also offence.

We shall try to score if we get chance.


We know they are stronger side but we shall try to score if we get opportunites.”

Rakib said, ” We stayed for a long time in Saudi Arabia.

So, we have made a good combination.

The conditions of Saudi Arabia is cold.

We hope we shall execute the conditions of Saudi Arabia in our match.”

Defender Rahmat Mia said, ” we have taken a good preparation.

I hope it will help us.

I hope we shall bring a good result to our country from this match.

If it rains tomorrow, we shall adapt with the conditions of here.”

Players of Bangladesh hope the expatriates of Kuwait will give a good support during the match.

They hope they will come to the stadium and give support to them.

They expect that it will give them support to earn something good.