Bangladeshis abroad spent Tk507cr using credit cards in April

Bangladeshis credit card spending by country (%) Total spent: Tk507 crore

Business Report :
Bangladeshis abroad have spent Tk507 crore using their credit cards in April of this year. Foreigners in Bangladesh, on the other hand, spent Tk200cr using their credit cards in the same period, according to the Bangladesh Bank.
Compared to March of this year, an additional Tk3.40 crore was spent in April.
Most of the credit card spending – or 50% – by Bangladeshis took place in India, followed by the United States, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.
A large number of Bangladeshis travel to India every month, bankers said, especially for treatment.
In April, credit card spending amounted to Tk507 crore, with Tk98 crore spent in India alone.
Of the remaining amount, 13.12% was spent in the US, 10.25% in the UAE, 7.96% in Thailand, 9.19% in Singapore, 7.03% in Saudi Arabia, 6.27% in the UK, 4.91% in Canada, 4.04% in Malaysia, 2.53% in Australia, 2.54% in the Netherlands, 2.32% in Ireland and 13.48% in other countries across the world.