‘Bangkok Hospital Health Week’ wraps up with complimentary personalized healthcare


NN Online Report: Global Trails Tourism concluded its three-day “Bangkok Hospital Health Week” on a high note, marking a successful collaboration aimed at promoting health awareness and access to specialized medical care. Held from May 24th to May 26th, the event witnessed the participation of esteemed specialists from Bangkok Hospital, Thailand, who provided invaluable complimentary healthcare services to attendees.

The inaugural day, May 24th, commenced with a vibrant ceremony, setting the tone for the health-centric festivities at the Hotel Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre. Cardiology took the spotlight as patients received expert medical counsel from renowned Bangkok Hospital cardiologists Dr. Kriengkai Hengrusamy, Dr. Permaius, and Dr. Wichai.

Transitioning into the second day, May 25th, orthopedic concerns took precedence as patients sought advice from Bangkok Hospital’s esteemed orthopedic specialists: Dr. Pongtron Sirithianchai, Dr. Panuat Silawatshananai, and Dr. Chaidez Sambun.

On the culminating day, May 26th, the focus shifted to neurological health, with patients benefitting from insights provided by Dr. Yudrak Prasart, Dr. Chanjira Satukitchai, and Dr. Chaisak from the Department of Neurology.


Ivee Tripland, Marketing Manager and Media Coordinator of Global Trails Tourism, expressed satisfaction with the event’s outcome, emphasizing the value of expert guidance offered by specialist doctors. “Each day commenced with informative sessions led by our esteemed doctors, shedding light on cutting-edge treatment modalities and technological advancements. Such interactions instill confidence in patients, fostering hope for recovery,”

Managing Director Sayed Ishaq Miah highlighted the significance of initiatives like the “Health Week,” noting the propensity of patients to seek medical treatment abroad, particularly in Thailand. “We’ve extended invitations to specialists from Bangkok Hospital to provide compassionate medical services during this event. For those requiring long-term care, we stand ready to facilitate access to Thailand’s renowned medical facilities,” Miah affirmed.

For individuals seeking further assistance in exploring medical treatment options in Thailand, Global Trails Tourism encourages contacting their office for personalized guidance and support.